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Rosewood Village Hollymead ASL

2029 Lockwood Dr
Charlottesville, VA 22901
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I recently moved my aunt into Rosewood. The facility is very nice and very clean for which I give it high marks.

That being said I am very dissatisfied with Rosewood’s management as I found them to have a single focus, and that is the bottom-line (profits). Unfortunately my aunt’s condition deteriorated very quickly after having moved into Rosewood. In fact her total stay there was a total of 33 days.

My issue is this - Rosewood requires 30 days notice before breaking a lease. This 30 day notice requirement applies even in the event of the death of the tenant. What this meant for my aunt was that a 33 day stay (in their smallest room) cost approximately $11,000. How can anyone give 30 days notice before someone’s death?!!!
I attempted to negotiate a reasonable payment with the management. They had no interest and really couldn’t care less about the circumstances.

Bottom-line: They will take every penny they can! And, the small refund we do have coming will take 3 months to process. My federal tax returns don’t take that long!!

I would not recommend Rosewood unless cost is not a consideration.

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