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Web Design and Marketing

If you own or work for an assisted living provider, you’ve come to the right place.  Our mission is to increase transperancy in the industry by using the power of the internet to make seniors as informed as possible about senior living options.  Our mission is consistent with the desire of quality providers to promote their business.  If you’re doing right by your residents, we can help you get the word out.

The first step is to maintain a complete and up-to-date listing of your facility in our database.  For more information, go here.  But, even more importantly, you need to have a web site.  Why is a web site important?  Aren’t serious clients going to call if they are interested anyway?  How many seniors really use the internet ?  While such thoughts are understandable, if you’re not using a web site to market your operation, you do so at your own peril.

A web presence gives your facility more authority.  And realistically, many of your residents aren’t the one’s making the decision: their children are.  Often middle-aged, they are very familiar with the internet and many times live across the country.  If you want to reach seniors, you need to reach their children.  Their children rely on the internet to make decisions.  If you are neglecting this avenue of marketing, you’ll lose out on a lot of business.

How can we help?  We are web developers first.  Personal experience has led us to create this site.  Using some open source software and designs, we built this site from the ground up.  And, we can do the same for you.  Our clients sites are built on the Wordpress platform.  This platform makes changing the content on your site as easy as writing as an email.  You’ll love it’s simplicity and flexibility.  If you purchase a web site from us, we’ll host it for you, give you extra exposure on our web site, and optimize your website for search engines.  All of this starting at only $40/month.  For more details, please contact us.